4 Signs That You May Need Some Sort of Restless Leg Syndrome Treatment

    Restless Leg Syndrome Treatment
    Restless Leg Syndrome Treatment

    Restless leg syndrome or RLS is a condition that people tend to associated with nighttime leg movements. While that’s true, the presence of this health issue can affect sufferers any time of the day or night. Are you a candidate for some kind of restless leg syndrome treatment? If any of the following symptoms are present, it’s time to seek medical help.

    An Itching or Crawling Sensation

    Some sufferers report that they experience a sensation that feels a great deal like itching, or something crawling across the skin. The thing is that the sensation is not just topical. There are those who report that the itching and crawling seems to be happening underneath the skin.

    Rubbing the legs may seem to help, as does getting up and walking. However, the discomfort is likely to return within a short amount of time. The best approach is to seek treatment as quickly as possible.

    That Pins and Needles Feeling

    Others don’t report any sensation like itching or crawling. Instead, their legs seem to be in a constant state of being on pins and needles. The feeling is described as being just like having a leg go to sleep, then feeling the prickly sensation as the blood begins to circulate freely again.

    Unfortunately, the pins and needles don’t subside quickly. Even with leg movement, the sensation can last for some time. Fortunately, there are treatments that can bring the condition under control, and make this unpleasant feeling go away.

    Reduced Quality of Sleep

    There’s no doubt that RLS can have a detrimental impact on the quality of your sleep. Along with the fact that the legs don’t feel right, getting up and down in an effort to quell those feelings does nothing to help you reach the deep sleep that your mind and body needs.

    The outcome is that you feel sleeping during the day, and likely somewhat irritable. Opting to seek help from a medical professional makes it possible to identify the restless leg syndrome treatment that’s best in your case, and begin to enjoy better sleep.

    Strong Urge to Move

    Through it all, there is a strong temptation to move the legs in order to stop whatever is happening. For some, that means walking. Others may find that they tend to swing their legs while sitting at a desk or sitting on a sofa. While the movement does help temporarily, the issue always comes back.

    That’s the way things will be until you undergo the right RLS treatment. Once it begins to take effect, the desire to move as well as the uncomfortable symptoms will weaken and eventually subside. As long as you continue the treatment, there’s a good chance that the symptoms won’t be back.

    While there are a few cases where RLS is associated with pregnancy or a temporary medical condition, the most likely prognosis is that the condition is there to stay. Seek treatment, and follow the instructions provided by the doctor to the letter. Doing so will make it easier to control the condition, and not allow it to take control of your life.

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