5 Movies Showcasing The Right Side Of Women’s Empowerment

    Women's Empowerment
    Women's Empowerment

    Women empowerment movies, when made right, are supposed to enrage you or make you feel more confident. Movies from the female gaze portray the disbalance of the status quo between men and women in society.

    Here we have gathered 5 best movies that showcase the right side of women’s empowerment and the rise of women from the shackles of patriarchy. You can download these movies from here for free: https://proxy-rarbg.org/

    Hidden Figures

    Hidden Figures is a film that best portrays the power of women and shows women’s vision, determination and determination.

    The film opens with Dorothy Vaughn (Octavia Spencer), a computer scientist hired to get NASA back on track. However, the film shows how she is treated like an office lady despite proving that she is an expert in her field.

    Dorothy begins by helping John Glenn land safely in space, then helps build America’s first satellite and sends people into space without incident. At that moment, she realized that if more women worked at NASA, they could build more satellites and send more men into space.

    When we see Mary Jackson and Dorothy Vaughan working together at NASA, it’s clear that they have different skills, but both of them are capable of doing their jobs.

    They’re not just there because they’re women. They’re there because they’re good at what they do and want to help further mankind’s scientific knowledge.

    Queen Of Katwe

    One of the most powerful ways Queen Of Katwe portrays women’s empowerment is in how it shows how circumstances affect people. It shows how the girl’s life changes when she starts playing chess and how those changes can be good or bad.

    Queen Of Katwe advocates women’s empowerment by showing how the characters’ circumstances change their lives for the better.

    For instance, when Mirah gets to play chess because of her dad’s death, she becomes happier and more confident. She also starts helping other girls in her village play chess, which in turn helps them become more comfortable and confident.

    The movie also portrays women’s rights issues positively: it shows how women are often undervalued or ignored by society (even though many still believe that women should be treated differently).

    This can be seen when Phiona is told by other players how she will never be good enough because she’s a girl. Still, instead of letting this stop her from pursuing her dream, she ignores all the negative comments about herself and works towards achieving what she wants.


    Orlando, a film by Sally Potter, is made by her own production business, Adventure Pictures, which she co-founded with Christopher Sheppard. Orlando is Potter’s first foray into more widely read fiction, but it also carries over some of her earlier worries.

    Her link to Russia is maintained via the co-production agreement with Lenfilm and the utilization of a Russian team, which includes cinematographer Alexei Rodionov from Elem Klimov.

    Orlando, who is both male and female, was cast as a female by the actress. However, the best part of the movie lies in how Orlando was discussed as a person, not as a man or woman.

    On The Basis Of Sex

    Ruth Bader Ginsburg was the first woman elected to the US Supreme Court. A Jewish lawyer and women’s rights activist in New York, she fought sexism throughout her life. On The Basis Of Sex tells the true story of how he became a Supreme Court justice.

    This film reveals the true meaning of feminism and shows how women can change the world by challenging things beyond their control. It focuses on the theme of equality through a pivotal period in Ginsburg’s career that made Ginsburg who she is today.

    On The Basis Of Sex is a must-see to entertain viewers with true stories and see what it means to be a feminist. I give this movie an 8.5 out of 10 and recommend this movie to anyone who wants national equality like RBG.

    The Secret Life Of Bees

    Despite being Oprah’s “Movie of the Week,” The Secret Life of Bees is a rich and rewarding adaptation of Sue Monk Kidd’s understated and clever novel.

    In this film, Dakota Fanning plays 14-year-old Lily. Lily was single and raised for the past decade by an abusive father since he accidentally shot her mother when she was four years old.

    The heartbreaking story of Lily Owens (Fanning), a 14-year-old girl plagued by the memories of her late mother, is told in “The Secret Life of Bees,” which is based on the New York Times best-selling novel and is set in South Carolina in 1964.


    Some other movies like Parched, Little Women, The Iron Lady, Legally Blonde, The Piano, etc can also enter your bucket list for an extended watch.

    Watch these movies and let us know how you liked them in the comment section below.

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