'Absolutely disgusting!' Drivers threaten to boycott Tesco over new 28p car charge


    She said: “Yet with energy prices at an all-time high, it could still be a case of every little helps, as it can be cheaper to charge on a 7kW connector at Tesco than it is to charge at home. 

    “For example, the cost to charge a Volkswagen ID.3 for 10k miles per year is £747 with the new domestic price cap of 34p/kWh. 

    “Charging at Tesco’s rate of 28p/kWh it’d be £615, meaning a saving of £132. 

    “While Tesco are on the front foot with providing charging at convenient locations, we need to ensure that the right infrastructure is in place – and at the right price – so that everyone can make the switch with confidence. 


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