'Absolutely disgusting' yobs leave human faeces on war memorial


    It is the second time excrement has been found on City War Memorial near The Meadows, Nottingham. Locals have expressed their anger at the “vile behaviour” and have demanded a  greater police presence in the area.

    A cleansing team had to remove the mess on Monday, reports Nottinghamshire Live.

    Rex Martin, 54 and who lives in the area, said: “I see people pee in the bushes in the park, and that is not acceptable either – but pooping on a war memorial is absolutely disgusting.

    “They definitely know what they are doing, because they have done it before.

    “I guess the council cannot do much because it probably happens at night.

    “They could put some cameras in place though, or have more officers patrolling the area.”

    Stephen Garsite, 60, said: “It is absolutely disgusting.

    “The toilets are just up the road, so there is no excuse for such disgusting behaviour.”

    Mr Garsite said he comes to the area regularly to feed the fish in the pond and make the most of the ‘lovely landscapes’.

    He added: “There is a difference between going for a wee behind the bushes and this – it’s completely unacceptable.”

    A retired couple who were on a ‘lockdown walk’ in the area also expressed concerns.

    Judith Tomlins, 63, said: “It might be rough sleepers who do not have anywhere to go.

    “They would not have public toilets available in the evening.

    “But it is just vile.

    “It could also be a political statement because it is a memorial and it is a repeated offence.”

    Her husband Alan Tomlins, also 63, added: “I think it is worse because it is a memorial and it destroys the peace of the area.

    “I personally do not think it is a political statement – it would have been more obvious.

    “I think it is someone who wants to have a laugh.”

    Councillor Eunice Campbell-Clark, portfolio holder for leisure and culture, and the council’s Armed Forces champion, said: “This is hugely irresponsible behaviour.

    “There are toilets close by and there is no excuse for people leaving the area in this state.

    “In the longer term, we have plans for a Lottery-funded restoration of the memorial gardens on the Embankment, which will include a public toilet block.”


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