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Alan Titchmarsh explains how to ‘transform’ your roses for a ‘better-looking’ plant


Gardener, broadcaster and novelist Alan Titchmarsh has been sharing snippets of his stunning Hampshire garden on Instagram. The gardening pro, who also presents BBC’s Love Your Garden, has also been sharing tips on how to do certain garden jobs. Earlier this week, Alan shared a video on how to “transform” your shrub roses.

Alan said he is encouraging gardeners to go over their roses and deadhead them.

“They look beautiful when they’ve been deadheaded,” he continued.

“Look what happens, the flowers fade. If you take a pair of snips or a pair of secateurs.

“Just go over the bushes, taking off those faded flowers and the petals that are a bit faded.

Alan’s video was inundated with comments from fellow gardeners on Instagram who admired his roses.

One person said: “Lovely roses Alan! I love roses so much!”

Another fan commented: “Roses are smelling beautiful this year.”

One fellow gardener thanked the gardening pro for his tips.

They said: “I definitely need an Alan Titchmarsh rose, what a beautiful colour. Thank you for the tips.”

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