Alex Zanardi's wife gives rare update on former F1 star's condition


    The wife of former F1 driver Alex Zanardi has given a rare update on her husband’s condition, a year on from him suffering severe injuries in a road accident in Tuscany.

    Daniela Zanardi says the four-time Paralympic gold medallist is “still unable to speak” but described his condition as “stable,” adding that he still remains in a special clinic, undergoing rehabilitation and therapy.

    The para-cyclist was left fighting for his life after he lost control of his handbike during a road race in Italy and subsequently hit an oncoming truck in June 2020.

    The 54-year-old is said to be currently undergoing therapy as his “vocal cords must regain their elasticity” after spending so much time in an induced coma.

    “One year after the accident, Alex’s condition is essentially stable,” she said, via BMW Motorsport, “He is currently in a special clinic, where he is undergoing a rehabilitation programme. This includes multimodal and pharmacological stimulations under the guidance of doctors, physiotherapists, neuropsychologists, and speech therapists to try to facilitate his recovery.”

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