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Amy Dowden health: Strictly star's hidden condition – 'It's been an emotional journey'


After an emotional journey, Amy Dowden finally got the answers she was looking for and was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease. Now, she is set to rid the stigma associated with the disease with a new documentary airing tomorrow night on BBC. Talking about her new documentary, Amy said: “It’s been quite an emotional journey, but also so rewarding.” She explained: “I don’t think many people celebrate getting a chronic illness…but for me it was finally answers….I could finally work towards these enormous dreams I had.”

In the UK it is estimated by NHS inform that at least 115,000 people are living with the condition.

It affects all ages, including children- with most cases developing between the ages of 16 and 30.

Amy who is 31 years-old added: “Accepting my condition now has helped. Talking about it, doing the documentary, I can just be me. I don’t have to hide anything.”

And her Strictly family have also helped. “They are so understanding, there’s so many people I can turn to and talk to. For me that has really helped me along my journey.”


What causes Crohn’s?

The exact cause remains unknown in the medical field.

Previously, experts had thought that factors such as diet and stress were related, however more recently they suspect that they only aggravate the condition- not cause it.

It is more likely that problems within the immune system as well as genetics play a bigger role in the condition’s development.

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