'Angry’ drivers slam E10 fuel changes over poorer fuel economy – ‘not a fan’


    E10 was brought in to aid with the Government’s Transport Decarbonisation Plan through the introduction of a ‘greener’ fuel. The new petrol is blended with up to 10 percent renewable ethanol and made up of materials such as low-grade grains, sugars and waste wood, making it greener than existing petrol.

    “This is not an option for millions of motorists and l feel angry that the Government has inflicted this upon the UK.”

    The Government has stated that E10 will not be more expensive at the pump than E5 when that was the standard petrol.

    They do concede that although E10 can marginally impact fuel economy – generally around one percent – this will be almost unnoticeable to most drivers when making everyday journeys.

    Other factors such as the weight of the car and the speed at which it is going will have a greater impact on the fuel economy than E10 will.

    Commenter RationalView spoke of the petrol changes and how it can affect drivers in the long term.

    They said: “I’m glad I bought a diesel when the Government said it was more eco-friendly than petrol.

    “Most ordinary people can’t afford to change their cars every time the Government changes its mind.”

    Other commenters were also discussing the price differences between E5 and E10, with some saying they would stick with E5 because that’s what they are used to.

    However, one commenter, Beniceornot, defended the petrol, claiming: “Here in Germany, E10 has been on the market for 10 years.

    “At first there was some excitement and some drivers imagined that the engine had lost horsepower or had misfired.

    “Automobile clubs then carried out a lot of tests and came to the conclusion that cars built from 1990 onwards did not have a problem with the E10.

    “Only high-powered premium vehicles are not well suited for E10.”


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