Antiques Roadshow expert refuses to value 'fascinating' combs as he shares nostalgic link


    Antiques Roadshow returned to BBC One on Sunday afternoon and the instalment was filmed in Clissold Park, in London. During the episode, antiques expert Ronnie Archer-Morgan experienced a “Déjà vu moment” when his guests asked him to value two hot combs used to straighten hair. Ronnie admitted “it would be sacrilegious to value them” due to their cultural significance. He then revealed a personal link to the items which left his guests stunned. 

    Ronnie began: “The Antiques Roadshow doesn’t often provide me with real Déjà vu moments but this one is seriously a Déjà vu moment.”

    The expert was eager to know where his guest got his hands on the hot combs he brought onto the programme. 

    The guest explained: “This is part of the Windrush Generation make of hot combs.”

    He said his late cousin made the two historical combs, adding: “He made these because when West Indian ladies came over to this country they were having difficulty getting their hair done. 

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    “My mother used one of these, and holding one of these is so strange to me.”

    A nostalgic Ronnie revealed he used to help his mother straighten his sister’s hair with a hot comb. 

    The expert said: “We used to put the Vaseline on the hair so the hair didn’t burn too much and we would straighten it, and then [my mother] would cane roll my sister’s hair. 

    “And then 15 years later, guess what, I became a hairdresser, that is why this is a real Déjà vu moment for me.” 


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