As Bitcoin tumbles, Dogecoin fans want to make 'DogeDay' happen on April 20

With the price of Bitcoin slumping over the weekend, fans of the popular spoof cryptocurrency Dogecoin are hoping to make April 20 “Doge Day.”

Posts on sites like Twitter and Reddit are urging fans of Dogecoin to celebrate “Doge Day” by buying up the digital coins based on a meme starring a Shiba Inu, a dog breed with a fox-like appearance. 

As of Monday morning, the price of Dogecoin is at 37 cents, up 24%, according to the digital currency exchange Coinbase.

“Don’t forget to buy your Dogecoin while it’s low! Buy and hold. Don’t panic sell. Together, we can get Dogecoin to the moon!,” reads a post on Reddit from a user who goes by the handle dngray.

The topic #DogeDay is trending on Twitter, with several posts urging support for Dogecoin.

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