BBC crisis: Andrew Marr admits broadcaster under huge pressure amid growing bias backlash


    BBC host Andrew Marr admitted that the broadcaster is under a huge amount of pressure. He told Times Radio’s Matt Chorley that the backlash from viewers over bias controversies had taken its toll. This comes as the BBC had become embroiled in bias disputes in recent weeks.

    Mr Chorley said: “The BBC is under a huge amount of political pressure.

    “There have been big rows this week over whether or not the journalist Jess Brammar should join as the head of news.

    “Newsnight host Emily Matilis looked like she accused the BBC of caving in to pressure from Downing Street after she was told off for opening a Newsnight programme with a monologue about Dominic Cummings breaking the rules.

    “Are you worried about BBC impartiality? How easy is it to be a political journalist in the BBC right now?”

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    Mr Marr responded: “It is really, really hard I think.

    “I remind myself before every show starts, the five minutes before we are on air, that the people watching are passionate Ukip-supporting Brexiters.

    “And they are hard-left supporters of Jeremy Corbyn and everything in between and they have all paid their license fees.

    “They all deserve a programme that is decent and fair in its treatment of everybody.

    BBC board member Robbie Gibb, who used to work at No10, is reportedly opposed to the appointment of Ms Brammar because of previous tweets opposed to the Conservative Government.

    Also this week, Ms Maitlis said the BBC was wrong to find her guilty of breaching “impartiality” rules.

    She accused the broadcaster of caving in to political pressure from Downing Street over the judgment.

    The BBC has since said it would be speaking to Ms Maitlis about the issue.

    After the remarks emerged, a BBC spokesperson said: “Nothing is more important than our impartiality.

    “All BBC journalists must abide by the BBC’s editorial guidelines and social media rules. There are no exceptions. We will be taking this up with Emily.”


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