BBC Weather: Thunderstorms to hit UK within 24 hours before scorching 26C heatwave returns

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Britain is set to be hit with thunderstorms and heavy rain later today, according to the latest BBC weather forecast. This weather front is set to get even worse on Monday before another scorching heatwave takes hold in the country. BBC meteorologist Darren Bett said that temperatures will return to “what we saw on the Bank Holiday” – when Britain saw its hottest day of the year so far – by next weekend.

He explained: “In the week ahead, there is more cloud to the north-west of the UK.

“But, further south and east, where the pressure is higher, it is likely to stay dry with more sunshine around as well.

“Things will get warmer too. Temperatures will reach at least 26C, where we were at this time last week.”

However, Mr Bett warned that parts of England and Wales will see “some showers later today and those could turn a bit heavy and thundery”.

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Mr Bett told BBC Breakfast viewers: “We are going to have some sunshine across Scotland and Northern Ireland, but for England and Wales things are more complicated.

“Northern England in particular could stay quite dull and damp today.

“Further south it is expected to brighten up as we move through the day.

“Temperatures in Scotland and Northern Ireland could reach 18C, and it could reach 22C in the south-east of England.

On Saturday, crowds of British beachgoers flocked to the coast as temperatures hit almost 23C across parts of England.

Temperatures recorded in Britain were even hotter than the South of France yesterday.

However, ahead of today, Met Office meteorologist Sarah Kent warned it is “not going to be wall-to-wall sunshine”.

She said: “First thing on Sunday morning there will be quite a lot of cloud across central parts of England, eastern Wales, and down to the south-west.

“And in that zone there will be outbreaks of rain, with the odd heavier burst of rain in the south-west.”

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