'Be bolder!' Andy Burnham launches attack on Starmer as he admits leadership hopes


    Andy Burnham warned Labour needed to be “bolder” as he criticised Sir Keir Starmer for being too timid in his policies.

    The Manchester Mayor said he was supporting the party leader before launching a series of attacks on Sir Keir’s policy agenda.

    “This is the time for Labour to move up and set out an alternative that people can support.

    “I want to be clear, I am supporting Keir, I want to party to unite here in Liverpool, they’ve got us in a position where we have a clear and sustained poll lead which is no small achievement. It’s a big achievement.

    “I think the Government have put out an opportunity now for Labour to put out a programme that connects with ordinary people.

    “So yes, I would say, be bolder, be clear about what we will do.”

    Mr Burnham said it is now “odds on” that the UK will have a Labour government within the next two years as he spoke ahead of the Labour Party conference in Liverpool this week.

    He criticised Sir Keir for failing to back reforming the UK electoral system and not committing to renationalising the energy sector.

    “I do think it’s right to be open-minded about more public control, more public ownership, so we don’t leave ourselves so exposed to energy costs,” he said.

    His latest intervention comes amid continued speculation Mr Burnham hopes to one day challenge Sir Keir for the Labour leadership.

    He admitted this morning he still has ambitions to one day lead the party and said he was “a better politician” having left Westminster.

    More to follow…


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