‘Beautiful touch!’ Fans well up as Palace shares new picture of Queen's favourite pony


    Royal fans were left emotional as Buckingham Palace shared a poignant new picture of Queen Elizabeth II’s favourite horse Emma. Emma the Fell Pony was seen standing at the side of the Long Walk on the approach to Windsor Castle as the coffin carrying Queen Elizabeth II was driven past at her final farewell last month.

    The Palace wrote: “For the past fifteen years, Queen Elizabeth regularly rode Emma for light exercise in the grounds around Windsor Castle.

    “Emma paid tribute to Her Majesty during the Ceremonial Procession in Windsor on Monday 19th September.

    “She will continue to be much-loved and cared for at the Royal Mews, Windsor, and regularly exercised by its small, dedicated team.”

    The photo released by the Palace left fans emotional.

    A social media user Nicolajane commented on Instagram: “I instantly cried. She looked so lonely standing there but very beautiful at the same time.”

    Another user Mairaraeburn commented: “I am sure Emma will miss her friend and mistress very much. People do not realise how our beautiful animal friends miss us so much.”

    A third user Chasing_after_rainbows commented: “Seeing Emma there waiting for Her Majesty really got me. And that ‘curtesy’ she did. Bless here. A beautiful touch.”

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    A twitter user Katie said: “Absolute beauty. Protect her at all costs”

    Another user Lissy tweeted: “Gorgeous Emma stole the hearts of millions on that day, an image that will unlikely be forgotten by many.”


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