Beloved stolen sausage dog found with burns and frostbitten ears 133 miles away


    They said: “Rikki is home. He was found by a member of the public in a field near Basingstoke, Hampshire. The Basingstoke dog warden, Laura, has been amazing behind the scenes and kept him safe for us until Shelley could get down there.

    “Rikki is barely recognisable as ‘Dog 5’, he has gone grey and lost most of his beautiful ginger. He has lost weight, has sore sticky eyes, awful rub burns to his nose, is filthy and covered in fleas, has overgrown claws, and very very sore frostbitten ears.

    “He is utterly exhausted. Welcome home little man, you’re safe now.

    “No further information will be given at this time as police inquiries are ongoing. Please give Shelley some time to tend to her poorly little man.

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