Best Amazon Echo deals in Prime Day 2 sale: Alexa smart speaker price slashed


    best amazon echo deals alexa smart speaker 2022

    Best Amazon Echo Deals: For a limited time, you can get an Echo at the lowest ever price (Image: AMAZON • EXPRESS NEWSPAPERS)

    Looking for the best Echo deal? There are some incredible deals on the Amazon Echo available at the moment.

    First up, the fourth-generation Amazon Echo – that’s the latest model – has been slashed from £89.99 down to just £54.99. That’s usually the cost that Amazon charges for its refurbished models, but you’ll be getting a brand-new, box-fresh model. Bargain!

    But wait – Amazon has sweetened the deal with free Philips Hue smart lightbulb, so you’ll be able to control the lighting in your home with a quick voice command to Alexa. If you’ve been thinking about investing in smart home kit, this Amazon Echo + Philips Hue bundle for £54.99 (the same price as buying an Echo without the bulb) is a great buy.

    If you want to see how this latest promotion compares with the best prices from the biggest UK stores, including high street and online retailers, we’ve rounded up the best prices for the Amazon Echo below. Scroll down for the answers to some of the commonly-asked questions about the Amazon Echo.

    Best Amazon Echo deals

    The fourth-generation Amazon Echo – the latest model released by the US company – is the only one available. Yes, Amazon has discontinued all previous generations of its full-sized, Alexa-powered speaker. This is in stark contrast to the smaller variant, with some of the best Echo Dot deals available on older models.

    Amazon Echo (fourth-generation) arrives with a stylish new spherical design that dramatically improves the sound quality. If you’re planning to use your brand-new Amazon Echo to listen to music, live radio, audiobooks or podcasts – this new design ensures it is the perfect model to choose. The full-sized Echo is available in three colours – Charcoal, Glacier White, and Twilight Blue. The fourth-generation model also uses 100% recycled aluminium and 100% recycled fabric, so it’s much kinder on the planet than previous designs.

    The far-field microphone is designed to pick-up your voice commands from across the room, even with background noise from music, chatter, or the television. Alexa can play tracks, set timers and reminders, read the latest headlines and forecasts, order takeaways and cabs, stream radion stations from around the word, and answer general knowledge queries. You can pair multiple Amazon Echo speakers together to beam your favourite tracks from Amazon Music, Spotify, Deezer, and Apple Music throughout different rooms in the house.

    If you want to spend a little more, the flagship Echo Studio is also available. This blockbuster smart speaker includes hands-free voice assistant Alexa – just like every other model in the Amazon Echo lineup – but pairs the chatty AI with high fidelity components that enable Dolby Atmos sound quality.

    Echo Studio can be paired with a Fire TV Stick to enable Dolby Atmos cinematic sound for your next boxset binge or movie night. You can pair multiple Echo Studio speakers together to create a stereo sound system, or a surround sound setup for your television. For those with Amazon’s Music Unlimited or Apple Music, you’ll be able to listen to High Definition (HD) quality songs on the five-speaker system inside the Echo Studio. The Echo Studio has been slashed down to just £139.99 for a limited time.

    A redesigned Echo Studio, in a brand-new Glacier White finish, will launch before the end of the year. Preorders for that new Echo Studio model are available now.

    Whatever Amazon Echo model you decide is best suited to your needs, it’s well worth looking into an Amazon Prime membership. This annual membership scheme, which can be accessed for free for 30-days (and cancelled at any point during that period so you pay nothing), includes millions of songs via Prime Music to stream to your Amazon Echo speaker, exclusive boxsets and blockbusters via Prime Video, unlimited cloud backup, and more.

    Do you have to buy an Amazon Echo from Amazon?

    Of course not! A number of the biggest high street and online retailers stock this impressive smart speaker …and there are a number of advantages to buying from these stores. For example, if you live across the street from an Argos, you might be able to wander across and pick up your brand-new Amazon Echo within minutes. That’s even faster than Amazon Prime can muster, despite offering same-day delivery in some parts of the UK.

    While the Amazon Echo has plunged to its lowest ever price in the Prime Day sales, it’s worth remembering that this deal is only available to Prime members. While there is a Prime free trial available, you might want to buy your Amazon Echo from Currys, John Lewis or Very and not deal with the hassle of cancelling the membership scheme. A number of these shops have lowered prices to match the Prime Day bonanza.

    Below, you’ll find the latest Amazon Echo prices from across the web to compare the Amazon Prime Day deals against the competition…

    What is an Amazon Echo?

    Amazon Echo is a speaker fitted with a far-field microphone array that enables chatty AI assistant, Alexa. Using the wake phrase “Alexa…”, you can ask the Amazon Echo to perform a number of common tasks. From controlling smart lightbulbs, adjusting internet-connected thermostats, setting timers, reminders and alarms, ordering takeaways, and answering general knowledge questions about anything from the height of the Eiffel Tower to the age of your favourite celebrity …Alexa is incredibly useful.

    The Amazon Echo is also compatible with a number of the most popular services – from Spotify to Apple Music, TuneIn to BBC Sounds, Philips Hue to Ring, Audible to Fitbit. You can use Alexa to control all of these services, including Spotify playlists created on your smartphone, resume an audiobook at the exact spot you left-off in the car ride home, and more.

    If you have multiple Echo smart speakers dotted around your house, you can also use Alexa to wirelessly beam messages to people in other rooms.

    best amazon echo deals alexa smart speaker 2022

    The blue light under the Amazon Echo indicates when AI assistant Alexa is listening to your command (Image: AMAZON)

    If a friend or family member has an Amazon Echo in their home, you’ll be able to use these speakers to chat to one another.

    These VOIP (Voice Over IP) calls won’t be susceptible to international call rates, so it’s perfect for international calls. If the recipient is out-and-about, they can answer within the Alexa companion app on their iPhone or Android handset, so you should always be able to get through to them.

    best amazon echo deals alexa smart speaker 2022

    The fourth-gen Echo, left, packs a 3.0” woofer and dual 0.8″ tweeters compared to smaller Dot, right (Image: AMAZON)

    Amazon Echo vs Echo Dot

    The Amazon Echo is more expensive than Echo Dot, but with that price rise comes dramatically improved sound quality. The redesigned components inside the fourth-generation Echo mean that is can play High Definition (HD) quality songs, like those included as part of the Music Unlimited subscription or Apple Music, which supports Dolby Atmos.

    However, it’s worth noting that these components take up space, so the Amazon Echo is considerably larger than Echo Dot. As such, you might want to measure up to make sure you have space on the shelf, kitchen counter, or desk that you want to house this talkative speaker.

    Both the Echo Dot and full-sized Echo include a 3.5mm audio port. That allows you to wire-up the voice-controlled smart speaker to an existing sound system – bringing chatty AI assistant Alexa to older equipment. That’s a clever way to upgrade an older system, and also allows you to incorporate speakers that you already own in a multi-room system, or control playback and volume with a quick voice command.


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