Best supplements for eczema – 4 tablets to take to beat the skin condition


    Over 70 percent of the immune system is located within the gut, so eliminating any possible food allergies from the diet could help to reduce the high levels of circulating IgE.

    The most common food allergies in patients with eczema are milk, egg, and peanuts, according to Claire.

    She said: “Eliminating these allergens from the diet for at least two weeks, before slowly reintroducing them one by one should provide clues to which ones, if any, are causing symptoms or flare-ups.

    “If eliminating any food groups from the diet, especially with infants and young children, I would strongly recommend seeking the advice of a local registered Nutritional Therapist as you do this, to reduce the likelihood of nutritional deficiencies.

    “If the infant is still being breastfed, the mother may wish to try an elimination diet whilst looking for corresponding symptoms in the infant’s skin condition.”


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