Best supplements for tiredness: Natural capsules for energy and to 'keep symptoms at bay'


    Feeling tired all of the time could be caused by not getting enough sleep, or by spending too much time at work. But, you could lower your risk of fatigue by regularly taking iron supplements, it’s been claimed.

    Tiredness that goes on for long periods of time isn’t normal, and may be caused by an underlying medical condition.

    But, making just a few small changes to your daily routine could help you to feel more awake and ready for the day.

    Taking some supplements may help you to feel more energetic, and less lethargic.

    You could lower your risk of feeling excessively tired by regularly taking iron supplements, it’s been claimed.

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    “Whether you’ve suffered a restless night’s sleep or are constantly on the go, tiredness can sometimes hit you like a brick wall,” said Superdrug.

    “But, instead of suffering from in-a-constant-daze syndrome there are measures you can take that may naturally bolster up the energy levels.

    “As you may remember from science class, iron is used to produce red blood cells, which store and carry oxygen around the body.

    “So when a person is low on iron reserves, one of the more noticeable symptoms is tiredness.”

    Men over 18 years old need 8.7mg of iron every day, according to the NHS.

    Women, meanwhile, need slightly more iron; about 14.8mg each day.

    If you’d rather not take supplements, you could always add more iron-rich foods to your diet.

    The best sources of iron include beans, nuts, dried fruit, and soybean flour.


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