'Best thing I've ever had!' Use 'game changing' hack to prevent condensation and mould


    As well as condensation, not putting the heating on also means one’s washing may take longer than usual to dry, if a household doesn’t have a tumble dryer or doesn’t want to use one. Having wet clothes hanging around can also lead to mould. Luckily, Mrs Hinch fans have shared cheap and effective ways of preventing condensation and mould during the winter months.

    Mrs Hinch is a cleaning influencer with over four million followers on Instagram. She is so popular that cleaning enthusiasts have created Facebook pages in her honour.

    On one such page, with over 100,000 members, one Mrs Hinch fan wanted to know if she should buy a dehumidifier to dry her washed clothes and prevent mould.

    Teigan Kemp wrote: “Hi, I’m currently using my spare room to home the airer for my washed clothes as I refuse to turn the heating on to dry all the washing I do.

    “I’m looking to get a dehumidifier to prevent any mould for king in the bedroom. Due to the obvious rise in costs, I am wondering if the pictured dehumidifiers are effective or if I’m better off getting an electric one.”

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    Sharon Milnes recommended using this kind of dehumidifier in the bedroom, saying: “I use these in my bedroom to keep the condensation at bay and prevents mould. Worth a go for the cost of them. Try and if it isn’t working, try other options.”

    Tracey Clements commented: “I’ve been using them for years now and they work a treat, usually get from B&M.”

    Sophie Rebecca Pattinson said: “These worked great in my old house, they were really effective and the condensation was pretty bad! Definitely worth giving it a try first and seeing if it works for you.”

    Tracy Louise Forbes wrote: “I put them next to my clothes when they dry and they are fab. Last a good few weeks as well and helps loads. Also got them in the windows as hate condensation on them.”

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    Sue Sims Broady recommended: “These are fine for small spaces, I’ve used them in cupboards with success. I’ve recently bought a dehumidifier with laundry function though and it’s been a game changer.”

    Anne McSherry shared: “You can buy a lot cheaper in pound shops etc. But I swear by them.”

    Rachel Spight said: “I use them all the time in my bathroom and they work a treat!! Never had a problem with them they last a good two months before replacing.”

    But other Mrs Hinch fans advised investing in an electric dehumidifier, instead of the crystals.

    Vicky Wilkinson recommended: “Get an electric one with a washing setting, these are better for window sills and general condensation.”

    Sarah Bean said: “It would work, but an electric one would work quicker to dry the clothes and obviously wouldn’t need replacing.”

    Carolyn Hamer wrote: “Definitely electric to dry clothes, but I find them handy on window sills and areas where condensation becomes trapped.”

    Nicola Loveridge added: “I’ve only used an electric one but I think these would fill up really quickly if you’re using them when drying clothes so I think you’d be better off in the long run with an electric one. I don’t think they cost much to run.”


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