Best Virgin Media broadband deals: Supercharge your download speeds for £26


    best virgin media broadband deals

    Want the best Virgin Media broadband deals in the UK? We’ve got you covered (Image: VIRGIN MEDIA • EXPRESS NEWSPAPERS)

    Want the best Virgin Media broadband deal? Look no further than this £26 per month broadband deal, dubbed M100, which unlocks download speeds of 108Mbps – a healthy amount faster than the average home broadband speed in the UK, which sits at 70Mbps, and more than enough to enjoy web browsing, WhatsApp video calls, and stream from Netflix.

    At £26 per month, Virgin Media charges considerably less for its 108Mbps download speeds than you’ll pay for the best broadband deals from rivals like BT, Sky, TalkTalk and Plusnet. And thanks to its shorter 18-month minimum contract term, you’ll be able to renegotiate a new deal much sooner than those who sign-up with BT broadband, for example.

    Interesting, the £26 per month deal includes a home phone with free weekend calls. If you want the same download speeds from Virgin Media without a landline, you’ll need to pay £44 per month. Yes, really. As you’re under no obligation to actually plug in the landline handset that Virgin Media will send out as part of this bundle, it makes sense to grab the £25 per month deal even if you don’t want the hassle of a landline number for salespeople to ring endless about mis-sold PPI…

    Virgin Media boasts the biggest network of superfast broadband in the UK – with more than 15.5 million homes able to access download speeds of 1,130Mbps. For comparison, the average home broadband speed in the UK sits at just 70Mbps. Put another way, if Virgin Media customers formed a separate country, they would boast the fastest average download speeds of any nation on the planet, topping 190Mbps. That’s undeniably impressive.

    For those who want the speediest connections, it’s worth checking whether you can switch from BT-owned Openreach (which supplies BT, EE, Sky, TalkTalk, and a number of other companies) to Virgin Media as it’s likely to be the best deal for you. However, as you might imagine, these next-generation Wi-Fi speeds can be pretty costly …so, you’ll need to make sure you secure a great deal from Virgin Media.

    Thankfully, we’ve rounded up all of the best Virgin Media deals to help you do just that. Scroll down to find the best broadband deals from Virgin Media available today. We’ve also got answers to some of the most commonly-asked questions about home broadband …so, if you’re unsure about the sort of download speed you will need, how to switch from a rival broadband company to Virgin Media, and more – we’ve got all of the information you need in our in-depth Virgin Media deals guide.

    You can pick any relevant topic from the links above to immediately jump to the right section, or scroll down to drink in everything you need to know.

    What broadband speed do I actually need?

    Not sure what download speeds are right for you? Here’s a quick guide to what your home needs.

    We’re all using our home broadband connection more and more, but not everyone needs the most expensive blisteringly fast speeds. If you simply browse the web, send a few emails, and watch the odd box set on Netflix then a standard 50Mbps – 100Mbps connection should cope just fine. In fact, the average home broadband speed in the UK currently sits at around 70Mbps, that’s a good benchmark for what most of your neighbours are managing with.

    Netflix itself only recommends a minimum speed of 5Mbps to watch in 1080p High Definition. Of course, you’ll need 5Mbps for every stream taking place simultaneously in your household …as well as any bandwidth used for music streaming, web browsing, and WhatsApp messages taking place at the same time.

    As such, if you have a very busy home, you will definitely want something faster and it’s not just about quicker downloads.

    It’s best to think of the internet connection coming into your home like a motorway – the more traffic (internet, not automobile) that runs through it …the slower things will get. At peak times, as everyone in your home tries to make videocalls to friends, stream music and podcasts, upload photos to Instagram, play online multiplayer on their console, and stream the latest must-see Netflix boxset …a 70Mbps connection can get pretty congested. If you have a busy house, it’s best to get the fastest speeds you can afford to avoid annoying buffering.

    Likewise if you work from home and need to be able to collaboration in real-time (and be heard during meetings over video conferencing software …delays and buffering can seriously infringe on your ability to contribute during meetings and make timely suggestions or jokes).

    Cheapest Virgin broadband deal

    Want to take advantage of Virgin Media’s network of gigabit-capable broadband …but don’t fancy spending a King’s ransom every month? Thankfully, Virgin Media has got you covered. And you won’t have to put up with slower download speeds either. New customers can pick up an M100 full-fibre broadband package from Virgin Media for just £26 per month.

    With average download speeds of 108Mbps – it’s faster than the average home broadband speed of 70Mbps, so you’ll have more than enough bandwidth to stream Netflix boxsets in 4K Ultra HD, make video calls via FaceTime and WhatsApp, stream playlists and podcasts via Spotify and Apple Music, and more. Even in busy households, 108Mbps should be enough to handle multiple people watching Netflix in different rooms, playing multiplayer video games, or backing up their phones to the cloud.

    Crucially, it’s important to sign up for Virgin Media’s M100 Broadband + Phone package. This costs £26 per month, while the same broadband speeds without the landline phone will cost you £44 a month. That’s £342 more expensive over the course of the 18-month contract to not have a phone. And even if you’d rather not use the landline, there’s no obligation to plug it in. You can just as easily leave it in the box and continue making calls on your mobile phone instead …but you’ll have made a stellar saving.

    For comparison, BT charges £29.99 a month for download speeds of 36Mbps, Sky charges £28 a month for download speeds of 75Mbps, EE charges £26 a month for 36Mbps, and Plusnet charges £24.99 a month for download speeds of 66Mbps.

    Top-rated Virgin broadband deal

    If you’re new to Virgin Media, there’s only one deal that you should be considering – the M200 full-fibre broadband bundle. It costs £32 per month for the 18-month contract, and you can add the brand-new Virgin Media Stream 4K set-top box, which offers a discount on Netflix, Disney+ and Prime Video subscriptions at no extra monthly fee.

    We compared the Virgin Media Stream with Sky Glass, Sky Q and the Virgin TV 360 box, if you want to see whether this diddy telly box is the right choice for you.

    For your £32 per month subscription, Virgin Media includes download speeds of 213Mbps and upload speeds of 20Mbps. With those eye-watering speeds, you’ll be able to stream in the highest quality available, make video calls, send dozens of photos on WhatsApp, backup your phone to the cloud, and download a software update for your laptop …all at the same time!

    For comparison, the average home broadband speed in the UK is just shy of 70Mbps – so you’ll be getting speeds around 3x faster. 

    To make sure you can take advantage of the super-speedy downloads and steaming, you’ll benefit from unlimited usage too, so don’t worry about an unwanted bill after you’ve streamed a boxset in crisp 4K Ultra HD, or downloaded the latest blockbuster 100GB+ video game to your Xbox or PlayStation. Virgin Media will include its latest Wi-Fi hub, which supports the Wi-Fi 6 standard offering faster wireless speeds and better management in busy households with dozens of devices. For comparison, BT broadband doesn’t currently offer a router that includes Wi-Fi 6 technology, so those with relatively new smartphones and tablets will be missing out on better connectivity and speeds with that Wi-Fi hub at home!

    To put the Virgin Media M200 deal into perspective, Sky charges £32 a month for its Ultrafast broadband, which offers download speeds of 145Mbps. Meanwhile, BT charges £33.99 a month for its Full Fibre 2 plan, which only manages a meagre 74Mbps. Likewise, EE cannot match this price, charging its customers £32 a month for 100Mbps speeds.

    Virgin Media offers some of the fastest broadband speeds in the UK, with its entire network of 15.5 million homes now connected to its future-proofed internet speeds. As such, anyone who signs up to Virgin Media will be able to access these eye-wateringly fast speeds (up to 1,130Mbps – that’s 16x faster than the average home broadband speed in the UK).

    With the speediest connection, you’ll be able to download a feature-length movie in 4K Ultra HD in under a minute. You won’t be able to boil the kettle for a cuppa before your blockbuster is waiting for you, ready to watch.

    That’s very different to BT-owned Openreach, which is used by firms like BT, EE, TalkTalk, and Sky to connect their customers. Openreach is slowly upgrading its entire network to full-fibre connections, which offer the same 1Gbps speeds currently available for Virgin Media users. However, these are not available nationwide quite yet, with some 6 million homes already upgraded to the next-generation speeds, with plans to reach a total of 25 million premises by December 2026.

    Unlike BT, Sky, or EE, if you have Virgin Media in your street …you’re guaranteed to be able to upgrade to the fastest download speeds. Likewise, you’ll also be able to upgrade to Virgin Media’s television offering, which includes access to Sky channels, including Sky Sports, Sky Cinema, Sky Comedy HD, Sky Crime, and more.  

    Last year, Virgin Media was awarded the fastest UK provider gong by the team at Uswitch.

    But it’s not all about speed. Following the £31 billion merger between Virgin Media and O2 last year, the company has brought a number of benefits previously only reserved for O2 mobile phone users to broadband customers. As such, you’ll be able to access the perks of O2 Priority if you sign up for Virgin Media broadband. For those who don’t know, O2 Priority offers early access to some of the biggest concerts in the UK, including the O2 Arena in London, as well as free coffees from Café Nero and Greggs to name a few.

    Well, that depends what you’re looking for. Virgin Media owns and operates its own broadband network, which is completely separate from the BT-owned Openreach infrastructure that supplies BT, EE, Sky Broadband, TalkTalk, Vodafone, and others. As such, it’s only available to some 15.5 million homes in the UK, so there’s a possibility that you won’t be able to sign-up to Virgin Media at your current address – something that rarely happens with Openreach-supplied broadband companies.

    However, if you can access Virgin Media at home – you’re guaranteed access to download speeds of up to 1,130Mbps. That’s more than 16x faster than the average home broadband speed in the UK. If you’re hoping to download gigabytes every night, stream in the highest picture quality, back-up thousands of photos to the cloud, collaborate on documents and make video calls without a hint of a stutter, this speed will guarantee that you’ve never see a loading animation.

    best virgin media broadband deals

    Virgin Media relies on its own broadband network, separate from BT-owned Openreach (Image: VIRGIN MEDIA)

    Yes, Virgin Media has a number of options for those who want to add television channels, movies, documentaries, or sports to their broadband bundle. First up, the Virgin Media TV 360 box is similar to the award-winning Sky Q from arch-nemesis Sky TV. Like the latter, Virgin TV 360 arrives with some of the biggest streaming services – including Netflix, Disney+, and Prime Video – preinstalled on the box, so you can switch between live television channels and must-binge boxsets.

    Virgin TV 360 suggests new shows and movies based on your viewing history, which isn’t anything unusual – both BT TV, Sky Q and Sky Glass all boast the same functionality. However, where Virgin TV 360 differs is that it allows owners to create separate profiles for every household member to keep their viewing habits separate and ensure everyone gets an accurate suggestion based on their tastes alone. It should prevent younger viewers seeing recommendations based on any late-night horror movie marathons, and vice versa.

    Virgin TV 360 supports voice search, saving you the hassle of typing out the title of a blockbuster, actor or director on the on-screen keyboard. Instead, hold down the microphone button in the middle of the remote and say what you’re looking for – and that’s it. Search works across the TV Guide, recordings, Virgin Media Store for rentals and new releases, as well as the streaming catalogue from the likes of Netflix, Disney+ and Prime Video.

    As you’d expect, the built-in hard-drive lets you record hours of your favourite TV shows, films and sports fixtures to watch at any time. You can also pause and rewind live television channels from BBC, ITV, Channel 4, Sky Max, Comedy Central, BT Sport, and more. Virgin TV 360’s Shared Pause Points mean that you can hop between rooms, from TV 360 boxes to the iPhone, iPad and Android apps, without missing a moment.

    Virgin Media has just announced a new diddy set-top box, dubbed Virgin Media Stream, that brings together all of your favourite streaming and catch-up services into a single lightweight device that plugs into the HDMI port of any television. You can pick ‘n mix between streaming services each month, switching between Netflix and Prime Video every few weeks to catch your favourite boxsets and keep costs down.

    Better yet, Virgin Media will offer a 10% rebate on every streaming service that you buy through its Stream set-top box (keeping everything neat in a single monthly bill with your home broadband). If you subscribe to a few streaming apps, like Disney+, Netflix, Prime Video, BT Sport, Sky Cinema and Sky Sports, those savings could soon rack up. Virgin Media Stream launches to existing customers this week.

    best virgin media broadband deals tv stream box

    Virgin Media’s Stream box, pictured, is the latest addition to its telly lineup (Image: VIRGIN MEDIA • EXPRESS NEWSPAPERS)

    Well, that depends. Most of the time, these UK broadband rivals have similarly priced plans available for customers, but the big differentiator is usually speed. While the monthly cost might be close, Virgin Media usually offers customers much faster speeds than BT. If you’re comparing these two broadband firms based on packages with the same download speed, then Virgin Media is usually much cheaper.

    However, it’s worth remembering that both of these companies will crank-up monthly prices at the end of your minimum contract term. For example, Virgin Media’s stellar M100 broadband deal, which costs just £25 a month for 108Mbps download speeds, rises to £44 a month at the end of your 18-month contract term. That price is a lot steeper than similar plans from BT.

    So, if you’re fortunate enough to have both Virgin Media (15.5 million homes across the UK can connect to its full-fibre broadband network) and BT-owned Openreach (this is the broadband backbone used by BT, EE, Sky, TalkTalk, Plusnet and dozens of other popular internet suppliers) then it’ll likely be cheaper to regularly switch between the two rival companies. Thankfully, we’ve put together a guide on the Best BT Broadband Deals if you’re coming to the end of your Virgin Media bundle.

    If you’re already with Virgin Media and would like to renegotiate your broadband, phone or TV bundle – the best approach is to speak with a customer service representative on the phone. Call the Customer Service team on 150 from a Virgin Media landline handset or Virgin Mobile number, or 0345 454 1111 from any other landline or mobile provider. These Virgin Media representatives are the best people to look at your current bundle and see whether there are discounts available.

    Like every broadband provider, Virgin Media raises prices as soon as customers are out-of-contract. So, while you’ll pay the same price each month for the initial contract, usually 18-months with Virgin Media, your bills will increase sharply at the end of that period. While it’s sometimes possible to reduce your monthly bills back down to a similar amount as the initial contract – or, if you’re lucky, drop them down to the same price as current promotions for new customers – this isn’t possible from the main Virgin Media website as you’ll need to speak to someone on the customer service team.


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