Biden warns ‘democracy under attack’ as he blames Trump for 2020 results denial


    Joe Biden has warned that “democracy is under attack” as he blamed Donald Trump for refusing to accept the 2020 election results. The 46th US President was speaking at a Democratic National Committee event on Wednesday.

    With just a week left for the US mid-term elections, Mr Biden tried hard to emphasis on the importance of Democracy for Americans while pointing out to the former US President’s reaction on the 2020 election results.

    Mr Biden said: “American democracy is under attack because the defeated former President of the United States refused to accept the results of the 2020 elections.

    “He refused to accept the will of the people and the fact that he lost.

    “He has abused the power and put his loyalty to himself before the law and the constitution.”

    Mr Biden began addressing the public by speaking about the recent attack at Nancy Pelosi’s house and linked it with the one at Capitol.

    The President noted how the suspect allegedly entered the Pelosi home and asked, “Where is Nancy?” before attacking Paul Pelosi with a hammer.

    He said: “Those are the very same words used by the mob when they stormed the United States Capitol on January the 6th.”

    White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre said: “An alarming number of Republican officials suggest they will not accept the results of this election.

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    He continued: “I know there is a lot at stake during these mid-term elections from our economy to the safety of our streets to our personal freedoms, the future of healthcare etc. But there is something else at stake-Democracy itself. I am not the only one who sees it.

    “Recent polls have shown that one in the majority of Americans believe that our democracy is at risk, democracy is under threat and they are deeply concerned about it.

    “Democracy is on the ballot for all of us.”


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