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Big Hug! Watch these Great Danes excitedly greet their owner in hilarious viral TikTok



The 15-second footage was uploaded to social sharing platform, TikTok on July 15 with the title: “When dad gets home.”

Since being posted, the adorable clip showcasing the four-legged friend’s love for their parental figure has been watched over 54.3 million times and gained 10.3 million likes.

Those who watched funny but equally cute video left their reactions in the comment section after seeing the dogs embracing, generating more than 91,000 responses.

One TikTok user jokingly said: “What type of Chihuahua breed is that?”

Another person said: “All the people saying they would be terrified have never owned a giant breed. Giant dog = giant cuddles.”

Great Danes originate from Germany and are one of the largest dog breeds in the world, also known by their nickname “Apollo of dogs”.

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