Bill Gates warns life won’t return to normal until 2022 in devastating pandemic prediction

For over a year, countries around the planet have been battling to contain coronavirus which emerged in late 2019. Mass vaccination campaigns in countries like the UK and US have raised hopes of a return to normality.

However Mr Gates warned much of the world, particularly those parts with less advanced vaccination programmes, are unlikely to return fully to pre-pandemic life until next year.

Speaking to Polish outlet Gazeta Wyborcza and TVN24 the Microsoft founder described the pandemic as “an incredible tragedy”.

He added: “By the end of 2022 we should be basically completely back to normal.”

Mr Gates has donated $1.75billion (£1.27billion) to fighting coronavirus since the pandemic began via the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

Globally there have been more than 2.75 million coronavirus related deaths since the pandemic began.

Some 126 million cases have been recorded though this is likely to be a major underestimate due to limited testing in many countries.

Britain has recorded 126,000 deaths within 28 days of a positive coronavirus test.

However the case rate has fallen dramatically over the past few weeks due to lockdown and one of the world’s most successful vaccination drives.

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On Monday Mr Gates took part in an ‘Ask Me Anything’ question and answer session on Reddit where he discussed post-Covid threats to humanity.

Asked for the “best scenario” if we take no action to fight climate change he answered: “It gets worse over time and natural ecosystems go away.

“The migration away from the unliveable areas around the equator will be massive.

“We won’t be able to support a large population if it gets a lot warmer.”

Another user questioned the Microsoft founder on the probability of humanity achieving net zero emissions by 2060.

He replied: “It really depends on whether the younger generation worldwide adopts this as a moral cause they force us to pay attention to.

“If they do then I would say 75% chance of success.

“If there isn’t that push then the investments may not get made.

“Governments are engaged because they see the voters caring more and this year will have some key events like Glasgow (COP26).”

Mr Gates predicted the human population will peak at around 10 billion people.

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