Blackford shamed over attack on Britain's aid to world 'Does name AZ stick in your craw?'

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Prime Minister Boris Johnson has clashed with the SNP’s Westminster leader Ian Blackford over Britain’s contribution to international aid. Mr Blackford stood up in Parliament and attacked the British Government’s decision to cut the UK’s foreign aid budget. Mr Johnson was furious at the SNP MP’s remarks and began his response by telling MPs: “I think that the last contribution was absolutely disgraceful.”

The Prime Minister continued: “We have had to spend £407 billion supporting jobs, families, livelihoods throughout the country and yet we are continuing to support international vaccination.

“£1.6 billion this country has contributed to GABE I think £548 million to Covax.

“And let me just remind him of the statistic I mentioned earlier, one in three of the vaccines being distributed around the world to the poorest and the neediest come from the Oxford AstraZeneca supply.

“Does the name AstraZeneca continue to sick in his craw?”

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