'Boris has come out GUNS blazing' Beth Rigby says PM preparing for huge reforms across UK


    The political editor suggested Mr Johnson’s Cabinet reshuffle is significant given the timing and circumstances for Mr Johnson’s Government. Ms Rigby suggested how the Prime Minister is aiming to move away from a Government that was required to see out the coronavirus pandemic, back to one where he can implement sweeping reforms across British society as he places a raft of fresh faces in senior cabinet positions amid a chaotic week in politics.

    The political editor said: “I think this is really fascinating.

    “In July when I spoke to some very senior people they were talking about a reset in autumn…

    “Whereby we move out of the covid crisis and we move back into a reset of the ‘Johnson agenda’.”

    But she said: “This is not a gradual reset.”

    She added: “He has come out since parliament has returned guns blazing…

    “Last week he rolled the dice on National Insurance, breaking a manifesto pledge, asking millions of people to pay more tax.

    “Then the following week, bang, he does what I would say is quite a major reshuffle in that he has put reformers into key departments.”

    She added how the decision to put certain faces in key Cabinet positions was the beginning of a raft of new plans Mr Johnson has to overhaul British politics

    More to follow…


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