Boris Johnson POLL: Do you agree with the PM's National Insurance rise plan?


    Speaking to MPs and the nation in the House of Commons today, Mr Johnson said in his most important policy announcement of the year which will have a huge impact on social care: “We will do all this in a way that is right and reasonable and fair.” The National Insurance hike will hit working pensioners as well as over-65s’ earnings made from shares.


    He told MPs: “Today we are beginning the biggest catch up programme in NHS history, capping the Covid backlogs by increasing hospital capacity to 110 percent and enabling nice million more appointments, scans and operations.

    “As a result, while waiting lists will get worse before they get better, the NHS will aim to be treating around 30 percent more patients by 2024-2025 than before Covid. And we will also fix the long-term problems of health and social care that the party opposite certainly failed to tackle.”

    The Government is expecting to raise approximately £12billion from the 1.25 per cent rise in National Insurance, to fund Covid recovery for the NHS in the first few years and later to reform social care.

    The money raised will be used to clear waiting list backlogs for people desperately waiting for medical treatment, like cancer patients.

    Mr Johnson said half the revenue will be made from taxes on the highest-earning 14 percent of Britons.

    Along with the National Insurance rise, Boris Johnson is also introducing a new cap on how much people will be billed for social care in their lifetime.

    From October 2023, no one starting care in England will be forced to spend more than £86,000 over their lifetime, Mr Johnson said, telling MPs he would protect people from the “catastrophic fear of losing everything”.

    Currently, only those who do not have assets worth more than £23,250 are given social care free of charge.

    In the first year of the pandemic, from April 2020 to 2021, the Government borrowed £299bn, the highest figure since records began in 1946, to aid Covid survival and recovery.

    Over £60billion has been spent on NHS Test and Trace, PPE, vaccines, and other Covid health services.

    This new levy will repay Britain’s debts and get the UK back on the road to full recovery as well as making the social care system better than it has ever been, the Prime Minister claims.

    Are you happy with the Government’s plan? Do you have faith in Boris Johnson? Let us know what your reaction is to the announcement today in the comments section below.


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