Boris Johnson under pressure as Sturgeon and Drakeford lash out in urgent letter to PM


    In a letter to Downing Street, the First Ministers of Scotland and Wales asked the Prime Minister for more clarity and substance around the meeting which would bring the four UK nations together this Thursday. In the letter, the two First Ministers criticise Mr Johnson’s office for sending “a very rough proposed agenda” with key issues in the discussions seemingly yet to be agreed.


    They also make a case for “further discussion” to take place ahead of the summit which would see such an event delayed, but still have it take place “perhaps as early as next week”.

    The letter states: “We are writing about the proposed 4-nations summit on Covid recovery, which you have suggested should take place this Thursday afternoon.

    “We are both deeply committed to taking part in such a summit and to working appropriately together on Covid Recovery – but, as we are sure you do, we want the meeting to be a meaningful discussion with substantive outcomes, and not just a PR exercise.

    “Our view is that this will be best achieved if further detailed preparation is done in advance.”



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