Braverman defended as 'one of the few heroes' in Sunak's Cabinet as row boils over


    Suella Braverman has been defended as “one of the few heroes” in Rishi Sunak’s Government, as the row over the Home Secretary’s role continues to play out. Conservative MP Marco Longhi told that Ms Braverman, who has faced mounting criticism in recent weeks, is “trying to do the right thing”. Ms Braverman has been under fire for her handling of the immigration situation at Manston, alongside growing discontent over the security leak which caused her to resign from Liz Truss’ Government.

    Mr Longhi told “I think Suella is one of the few heroes in Government.

    “She is trying to do the right thing – and actually the right thing by people who are coming from parts of Africa or even Albania, which is a safe country.

    “Crossing the channel is dangerous, I’m sure there are people who have come to harm even just trying to reach Calais.

    “So the kindest thing we can do for these people is say, ‘There are legal routes but actually if you do come in illegally, on a dinghy or on the back or a lorry, you will be removed and processed elsewhere’.

    READ MORE: Suella Braverman reported to Financial Conduct Authority over leak

    “That would mean that they would stop trying that way of coming to the UK.”

    He added: “But in this Parliament, we’ve got MPs whose sense of altruism is so offended but they’re the ones that dont have surgeries with queues of people like I have with women and children who are sofa surfing – tomen and children whose welfare we are not addressing.

    “But we have MPs who are in parliament who only want to talk about the welfare of women and children in Manston, who probably form 0.01 percent of the population.”

    His comments underline problems for Mr Sunak if he tried to sack Ms Braverman with some Tory MPs on the right privately threatening to put letters in asking for another leadership contest if she goes.

    Ms Braverman was accused of using “inflamatory language” earlier this week after she described migrants coming to the UK as an “invasion” during an exchange with Shadow Home Secretary Yvette Cooper.

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    Last night, the Labour Party reported the Home Secretary to the Financial Conduct Authority over the email leak which forced her to resign from Liz Truss’ Government.

    The embattled Home Secretary was referred to the financial watchdog over concerns of a breach of insider trading laws, with shadow city minister Tulip Siddiq asking the FCA to investigate the leaking of information.

    Rishi Sunak has been under sustained pressure since deciding to reappoint Ms Braverman to the role six days after she was forced out by Ms Truss while she was still Prime Minister.

    Without authorisation, Ms Braverman sent a draft immigration policy to Tory backbencher Sir John Hayes from a personal email address, inadvertently also sending it to a staff member of another Conservative MP.

    Ms Siddiq questioned whether the minister sharing “highly sensitive” information regarding “growth visas” could have been a breach under market abuse regulation.

    She said the information could have affected Office for Budget Responsibility forecasts, saying “policy changes can constitute inside information”.

    Earlier this week, the Home Secretary was forced to provide further details about the security breach in a letter to Dame Diana Johnson, the Commons Home Affairs Select Committee’s chairwoman.

    In the letter, Ms Braverman apologised for the breach but admitted that she sent official documents from her Government email to her personal email address on six occasions.

    The Home Secretary laid out her version of events in an attempt to counter claims that she gave a misleading account of the breach.


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