Brexit high on the Special Relationship agenda as Biden announces first meeting with Sunak


    Joe Biden plans to hold his first meeting with Rishi Sunak at the COP27 conference in Egypt, the State Department has confirmed, with Brexit likely to be high on the agenda. The US President is understood to be pleased Mr Sunak changed his mind over his original intention to not attend the summit.

    Mr Biden is understood to have had a poor relationship with Boris Johnson because of Brexit which put the so-called Special Relationship under strain.

    Issues which are set to arise when Mr Sunak and Mr Biden meet include the Northern Ireland protocol, where the Irish lobby in America has significant power over US policy.

    The two will also discuss the commitment to Ukraine and its attempts to resist the Russian invasion as well as the climate change agenda at COP27.

    Ms Truss had tried to ban the use of the phrase “Special Relationship” between the UK and US because of the strained relations.

    She also told journalists that the UK/ US trade deal was now on the back burner.

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    Mr Sunak has strong links to the US having been criticised for still having a green card to live and work there ahead of the summer leadership election.

    He also attended Stanford University business school in the US which he has said changed his life.

    There are hopes on both sides of the Atlantic that the change of Prime Minister and end of the Boris Johnson era will allow for a restart on the relationship between the UK and US.

    Recent polling by the Democracy Institute revealed that, despite scepticism over trade deals around the world, there is support for one with the UK.

    Currently, the UK is in the process of signing deals with 20 US states.

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