Brexit LIVE: Joe Biden issues ANOTHER Irish quip – Boris on alert ahead of crunch meeting


    Mr Biden, who has often spoken of his Irish heritage, referenced a poem during a speech to US troops at RAF Mildenhall in Suffolk. Setting the scene to what could be a bombshell meeting with the Prime Minister, Mr Biden quoted WB Yeats, saying: “All changed, changed utterly; A terrible beauty is born.” Mr Biden’s comments will come as a stark warning to the Prime Minister as they prepare to discuss issues surrounding Brexit, namely the Northern Ireland protocol. 

    Mr Biden has previously warned the peace process must be upheld in Ireland amid the uncertainty from Brexit despite the alleged “special relationship” with the UK. 

    According to The Times, the US President took the bold approach to summon Lord David Frost to a diplomatic meeting where he was criticised for the row over Brexit. 

    US diplomat to London Yael Lampert warned the UK was “inflaming” tensions with the EU amid the row over customs checks on goods. 

    The President is expected to reiterate the warning to the Prime Minister today amid concern over the Good Friday Agreement. 

    Commenting on the story, former Brexit Party leader, Nigel Farage claimed the US now has an “anti-UK” President. 

    He said: “We now have an anti-British US President in the White House.

    “I hope all those who condemned Trump see their stupidity.”

    Since winning the election the Irish-American President has also warned no trade deal will be struck with the UK if the tensions over Northern Ireland continue. 


    7.45am update: UK looking for solutions to Brexit row 

    Speaking today, international trade minister Greg Hands insisted the UK is looking for solutions to the issues surrounding the Northern Ireland protocol. 

    Ahead of the Prime Minister’s meeting with the US President, Mr Hands claimed the UK will not jeopardise the peace in Ireland. 

    He told Sky News: “We absolutely agree on preserving the peace process and the Good Friday Agreement. But to do that does mean a more pragmatic approach from the European Union in terms of how it interprets the Protocol.

    “We have submitted some very serious proposals to Brussels about how to improve the situation. Talks are ongoing. They didn’t get a breakthrough yesterday but nor have they broken down.

    “We need to find something that works well for everybody. The EU is following a very officious interpretation of a lot of these rules. We are looking for a more pragmatic approach.”

    7.30am update: Joe Biden makes another quip over Irish heritage

    In an alarming speech, the US President made another reference to his Irish heritage during a speech to troops. 

    Speaking at RAF Mildenhall, Mr Biden said: “All changed, changed utterly; A terrible beauty is born.”

    The President has often spoken of his love for Ireland and claimed Brexit cannot jeopardise the peace process in the country. 

    He has even threatened to torpedo any trade deal with the UK if Brexit damages the Good Friday Agreement. 

    Ahead of his meeting Boris Johnson at the G7 summit, the President is expected to reiterate his fears over the consequences of Brexit in Ireland amid escalating tensions over customs checks. 


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