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Brexit LIVE: Remainer drops jaws 'trying to claim' Emma Raducanu victory – 'Oh my word!'



Political economist and writer, Will Hutton has referred to the national hero’s win in Saturday’s US Open final in a tweet to his 63.2k followers claiming that her success played a role in seeing “the Brexit case collapse”.

The Remainer refers to her win as “tennis brilliance”, and while referencing Ms Raducanu’s heritage by saying she is the “daughter of immigrants”, Mr Hutton states this is a “testimony to the value of openness” in an attempt to make his case.

Mr Hutton makes reference to the heroic British tennis star’s backstory as she was born in Canada to a Romanian father and Chinese mother, before moving to London aged two.

His message which opened with the statement “bit by bit the Brexit case collapses” claimed that her actions coupled with events in Afghanistan, which he claims “foretells a new era of America First”, and as “Xi’s Chinese menace grows” meant “we need to stand with and in an open EU”.

His tweet dropped jaws, with trade unionist Paul Embery tweeting his disbelief over the matter.

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One Twitter user backed Mr Embery claimed that he thought Mr Hutton’s message originated from “a parody Will Hutton account”, and expressed his sadness that the political writer has had his “mind broken by Brexit” as “there isn’t the slightest connection between any of the things listed and the EU”.

Former rugby union player Will Carling also showed support for the tennis champion by stating: “Emma’s story is her story. Not one to be hijacked by politicians.”



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