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Brexit LIVE: That’s EXACTLY why we left! Irish fishing crisis exposed as UK seizes quotas


According to figures published by Ireland’s Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine, the quota share for herring caught in the Irish Sea cloud be cut by a staggering 96 percent. This comes after Boris Johnson signed a historic Brexit trade deal last month.

The new report also found there would be a 26 percent reduction in the western mackerel quota share, which is Ireland’s largest fishery.

Other notable reductions are in hake (three percent in Celtic Sea) and haddock (11 percent in Celtic Sea, 16 percent in the Irish Sea, 22.6 percent at Rockall).

Megrim would also be down by eight percent in the Celtic Sea and 19 percent in the West of Scotland.

Plus anglerfish/monkfish will also see a reduction by seven percent in the Celtic Sea and 20 percent in the West of Scotland while pollack will be dropped by eight percent.

Overall, the final quota transfer by Ireland after five years is estimated to be around €43million amounting to a 15 percent reduction.

But while Ireland faces a fishing crisis, Brexiteers will be overjoyed as the UK has “taken back control” of its waters.

Last year, Mr Johnson vowed to “take back control” of British fisheries and become an “independent coastal state”.

Mr Johnson told MPs: “We will become an independent coastal state again and we under no circumstances repeat the mistake of the government in the 1970s which traded our fisheries away at the last moment in the talks.

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The CFP allowed vessels from EU member states to access British waters and imposes strict catching quotas.

Fishing was one of the main reasons why Brexit negotiations were gridlocked last year.



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