'Britain gets Hancocked every week!' Cummings issues new scathing rebuke after kissing row


    The former No10 adviser has been a vocal critic of the West Suffolk MP’s conduct during the pandemic.

    This afternoon he heaped more pressure on Mr Hancock as he published a fresh tirade against him online, accusing him of having “failed terribly”.

    He said the civil service” “Systematically promote Hancocks, and systematically block learning from high performance, which is seen as a dangerous menace by normal bureaucracies.

    “Thus we get Hancocked.”

    He added: “Hancock had failed terribly. The Cabinet Office did not have the people it needed to solve the problem.

    “Many were screaming at me that Hancock was failing to act on care homes and spinning nonsense to the Cabinet table while thousands were dying in care homes.”

    More to follow…


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