Burnham slams 'prima donna' Andrew Lloyd-Webber over threats to flaunt lockdown rules


    Andy Burnham has branded Andrew Lloyd-Webber a “prima donna” on Sky News over the composer’s pledge to reopen theatres on June 21 even if the Government delays the lifting of lockdown measures. Lord Lloyd-Webber has warned his production of Cinderalla will go ahead at his West End theatres “come hell or high water.” The musical director is also willing to face arrest in order to put the shows on, according to Sky’s Kay Burley.

    Ms Burley said: “We have heard from Andrew Lloyd Weber and he says he is going to open his theatres on June 21 come hell or high water.

    “He has got a big production of Cinderella.

    “Even if freedom day has been pushed back he will still open his theatres and if the police want to come and arrest him so be it.”

    She asked the mayor of Greater Manchester: “Do you think he should be arrested?”

    Mr Burham replied: “Well probably if he is completely flouting the government’s decision, they might even be the law.

    “Well yes you can’t do that and I think talking in those terms is unhelpful, lets be honest about it.

    “Of course everyone wants him to be able to reopen.

    “But he can’t just assert his right to do that we are in the middle of a pandemic.”

    Reacting to Lord Lloyd-Webber’s remarks, Communities Secretary Robert Jenrick told LBC: “I’d love to see theatres reopening, I know he’s got a great production of Cinderella opening in the West End, would love to be taking my kids to it.

    “But I would just urge him having been so patient over the last 18 months, I know it’s been devastating for his industry and his own businesses, just wait a few more days as the prime minister analyses the data.

    “We don’t want to keep restrictions in place a day longer than is necessary.

    “But equally we always said 21 June was the earliest date in which we could move to the next stage of the roadmap.”


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