Camilla's quirky take on the Queen & Kate's 'favourite' nail looks – costs as little as £8


    To celebrate her 75th birthday, Camilla was interviewed and photographed by British Vogue.

    Camilla prepared for the photoshoot by adding one quirky element to her look.

    Surprisingly, this is an extremely affordable beauty hack anybody can try a royal look without a hefty price-tag.

    She told Vogue that she put on some press-on nails for the occasion, however they did not manage to last the night.

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    The ever-practical, happy to get her hands dirty Camilla admitted that she “lost them all gardening yesterday”.

    This is in keeping with the popular opinion that while the now Queen Consort always looks lovely and elegant, she is more concerned with practicality than fancy.

    To achieve Camilla’s look, Kiss Salon Acrylic Nude – Breathtaking nails are available at Boots for just £8.

    Camilla is rarely pictured wearing any nail polish, and if she is it is a very pale, barely-there shade.


    This might have something to do with royal protocol, as royal women are expected to adhere to certain codes.

    The late Queen was rumoured to have a dislike of dark nail polish colours, preferring pale and pastel shades.

    Queen Elizabeth II was known to stay fiercely loyal to one nail polish – Essie’s Ballet Slippers, available at Boots for just £7.99.

    Its official description reads: “Essie Ballet Slippers nail polish is an award-winning, best-selling pale pink nail colour that is fit for the Queen.

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    “Sheer whites and light pinks have been long favoured. A firm favourite of the Queen’s is Essie’s Ballet Slippers.

    “In fact, for their weddings, both the Duchess of Cambridge and the Duchess of Sussex, famously combined two nude nail colours.

    While Kate wore a mix of 28 Rose Lounge from Bourjois and the now discontinued ‘423 Allure’ from Essie, Meghan wore a mix of CND Shellac’s ‘Unmasked’ and ‘Negligee’.

    Kate has deviated from this tradition slightly on a few occasions by wearing darker polish on her toenails, while Meghan has showcased black polish on her fingers.


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