Campaigners call for owners of expensive vehicles to be hit with new heavy car tax fees



    The campaigners have called for a brand new “Luxury Polluter” tax to be introduced in a bid to encourage those who can afford expensive vehicles to switch to electric cars. They said the upfront cost for electric vehicles was one of the “few remaining obstacles” to mass adoption.

    A Vehicle Excise Duty (VED) surcharge on models costing more than £40,000 already exists but the new charge would be a seperate fee.

    The current rate stands at £335 from 1 April, up from the £325 charge in 2020.

    The charge is payable from five years from the second year of registration before reverting to the standard rate from year six.

    Instead, any new rates will be based purely on vehicle emissions and the campaigners have not stated whether there would be an end date on the fee.

    Many classic cars have appreciated in recent years with some rare models likely to jump over the threshold.

    Classic vehicles are also likely to have higher emissions than new modern cars which could leave many caught out.

    This means ordinary road users may be penalised for holding onto a passion project or family heirloom.


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