'Can be fatal': Drivers warned of spider invasion which could lead to £2,500 fines


    November is peak mating season for arachnids in the UK and millions of Brits have been noticing a spike in the number of creepy crawlies in their homes. Some drivers are also noticing the invasion of spiders on their vehicles, with cracks and gaps in wing mirrors being particular favourite hiding places.

    The wave of spiders being seen is mostly male spiders out and about looking to mate, with some choosing cars as their resting spot.

    While they may seem harmless, experts are advising drivers on the best natural ways to get rid of spiders from their vehicle.

    The advice is crucial for all motorists as being spooked by a spider while driving could lead to an accident and court action.

    If you are found guilty of careless driving, this can mean a £2,500 fine and up to nine points on your licence.

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    He added: “Vinegar, peppermint oil, eucalyptus oil, lemon oil and cedarwood are all readily available and are fantastic for putting off spiders.

    “Simply fill a bottle with a mix of the scent and some water, then spray in the areas you want to keep spider free.

    “It’s worth experimenting with the different aromas, and even combining a few to find the precise recipe for banishing the beasties.”

    Keeping the car clean, tidy and smelling good will help to deter spiders from moving into the car.

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    It will also act as an incentive for arachnophobic drivers to take care of their cars throughout the winter months.

    All species of house spiders found in the UK love warm and dry environments, so vehicles can become their perfect refuge.

    Using scents and regularly cleaning their vehicles should minimise the risk of one appearing when the driver is least expecting it.

    Mr Conway concluded: “But if the worst does happen, try to keep calm and find a safe place to pull over and deal with the creepy crawly.

    “It’s also worth giving yourself some extra time to regulate your breathing and mentally prepare to get back behind the wheel.

    “After all, you are in charge of a two-tonne piece of metal travelling at speed so distractions can be fatal.”

    Spiders don’t like vibrations, so drivers should avoid sitting in the car idle for too long, as this could prompt the spider to appear.

    If they do emerge from their hiding place, which is most likely on the outside of the car, then they may try to find their way inside.


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