Car theft: The most common models to be targeted shared – do you own one?


    The cars most likely to be targeted for catalytic converters theft have been shared as well as advice on insurance.  Compared with the end of January, the ending of most restrictions in the UK at the end of June saw a rise in car theft.

    Searches for car theft on Google have also jumped since January, with more drivers searching for the best ways to look after their vehicles.

    One of the most common questions asked on Google asks what the most targeted cars for catalytic converter theft are.

    According to Leicestershire Police, the most common cars to have their catalytic converters stolen are Honda Jazz, Honda Accord, Toyota Prius and Toyota Auris.

    Generally, thefts of catalytic converters have dropped this year following a renewed approach from police forces around the country.

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    Another very common question relating to car crime is whether theft is covered by car insurance.

    Experts from Leasing Options say that general theft is covered, although drivers should always check their insurance to make sure.

    They said: “Most comprehensive car insurance should generally cover theft as well as vandalism and damages.

    “However, most likely, it will not cover stolen items from inside the car, such as a phone or purse, as comprehensive car insurance will only cover the components and features of a car that are permanent.”

    Similarly, thousands of people have Googled to enquire whether liability car insurance covers theft.

    It is unlikely that liability car insurance will cover theft, as the main purpose of this insurance is to protect against bodily injury and property damage resulting from an accident.

    Nowadays, drivers are also very concerned about keyless car crimes, with thieves getting more technologically advanced. 

    Keyless car theft is the way in which thieves steal cars without the original car keys or fob.

    They use specialist equipment to transfer your car keys signal from inside your house to a transmitter.

    The transmitter then tricks your car into thinking the real key is nearby and allows the thieves to open the car and drive away.

    Drivers can prevent this by keeping their key away from doors, and by placing it in a box or secure signal jamming pouch.

    Another common question is regarding anti-theft devices and whether a car alarm can be considered to be one.

    An anti-theft device is any device in a car that prevents the car from being stolen or damaged or aids in the recovery of a stolen car.

    A car alarm’s purpose is to deter would-be thieves from targeting your car by bringing outside attention to the car with its loud noise.


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