Cats are falling ill with life-threatening stress as owners spend longer at home


    With owners no longer going to the office and children learning from home, cats don’t have the seven or eight hours of peace and quiet to act as a “circuit breaker”.

    The stress of having to share a space with humans round-the-clock has led to an increase in life-threatening in the last 18 months.

    Vets have reported an uptick in blocked bladders in male cats and cystitis in female cats.

    A spokeswoman told The Times: “It would appear that some cats may have become more stressed in their home during the pandemic.

    “Changes to a cat’s routine always have the potential to cause stress, as they are creatures of habit.”

    “As well as this, ‘safe’ or ‘quiet’ places that a cat could have escaped to in the home previously may have been repurposed as a home office, so the cat no longer has a quiet place.”

    To help fight against the pressures of adjusting to the new routines, Cats Protection has suggested creating moggie-friendly safe spaces.


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