‘Causes serious damage!’ ‘Vital’ orchid mistakes that can ‘kill’ your houseplant


    Using regular soil 

    In nature, most orchids do not grow from the soil but cling to tree branches and trunks. As a result, potting soil is not a suitable medium for orchids

    The plant expert explained: “Regular potting soil is often too dense for orchids to grow in as it restricts the roots of the much-needed air it needs to survive. 

    “It also provides insufficient drainage which could cause the roots to become diseased and rot over time. In their natural habitat, orchids are mainly either epiphytic, meaning they grow on trees, or lithophytic, meaning they grow on rocks. 

    “Most orchids therefore naturally grow high up in the rainforest treetops on rough bark rather than on the ground in soil, so it’s important to use the correct type of compost to prevent the plant from becoming waterlogged. Therefore, we’d recommend using a bark-based orchid compost which promotes aeration to the roots and drainage, which will promote healthy growth.”


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