Celebrations makes big change to Christmas tubs – popular chocolate removed 


    But it seems that taste in chocolate is a serious matter for Brits, as 42 percent of those polled admitted they have rowed with friends or family because of it, and 18 percent would even go as far avoiding romantic involvement with someone whose tastes differed to their own.

    This isn’t the end for Bounty because the research also showed it’s the tub-favourite for a proud 18 percent of coconut-loving Brits, with a further one in five (20 percent) even admitting they shyly keep their love of Bounty chocolates to themselves. 

    Furthermore, the study shows it is a more mature palette that craves the coconut chocolate most, with 38 percent of over 55’s choosing it as their favourite.

    This year’s No Bounty Celebration tubs follow the brand’s successful ‘Bounty Return Scheme’ in 2021, which encouraged Bounty haters to return their unwanted chocolates and swap them for more-loved Maltesers after the Christmas period.  

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