‘Changes’ in balance could signal early onset dementia – other signs to spot


    “There are many other conditions that have similar symptoms, such as infections, thyroid
    problems, stress, depression, perimenopause/menopause and dietary deficiencies.

    “These may be treatable, so the GP may request investigations such as blood tests and X-rays to check for any underlying conditions.

    “Once the GP has ruled out other causes, they may refer the person for further investigation and assessment – this may be with a specialist memory service, or a cognitive disorders or neurology clinic.”

    Other symptoms of early onset dementia include changes in:

    • Personality and behaviour
    • Speech and language
    • Social functioning
    • Relationships with others
    • Involvement in daily activities
    • Motivation and mood
    • Concentration levels
    • Decision-making
    • Problem-solving.

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