Charles urged to slim-down Royal Family after ruling out cuts – ‘can't do it soon enough!’


    Charles had reportedly been planning to reduce the number of senior working royals down from 11 to a small core team, yet he is now taking a more conservative approach. However, the Daily Express’ Royal Correspondent Richard Palmer claimed that since taking the throne Charles and his advisors have “ruled out” making any further cuts to the Firm.

    He told Pandora Forsyth, host of the Daily Express’ Royal Round-Up podcast, that he was “surprised” when sources close to the King told him. Speaking of the U-turn, he said: “I suspected this would have been a good time for the late Queen’s cousins to decide they could enjoy a few years of retirement having served the monarchy and nation. But they haven’t done.”

    He continued: “What has been made clear to me on behalf of the King, or those close to him, is that currently there is no plan to cut the number of working royals. 

    “When you look at what happens in other European monarchies, the UK has the largest number of working royals.  

    “There is an argument that we have a bigger population and the Commonwealth as well, where an awful lot of work goes on. But in most monarchies, four or five people tend to represent them. It surprised me.”

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    In response, ran a poll form 11am on Tuesday, OCtober 1, to 3:30pm on Thursday, November 3, asking readers: “Is King Charles right to ditch plans for a slimmed-down monarchy?”

    Overall, 4,569 people cast their votes with the majority of readers, 61 percent (2,786 people) answering “no”, in favour of a slimmed-down monarchy.

    A further 36 percent (1,661 people) said “yes” the King was right to abandon his plans, while three percent (122 people) said they did not know.

    Readers debated the future of the Royal Family in dozens of comments left below the accompanying article.

    Some readers noted how the Royal Family would naturally evolve as older members retire from their duties and other reasons.

    Username Goldielover said: “The working royals had already been reduced from sixteen down to eleven due to attrition.”

    Username Radiotimes said: “Can’t see how he can possibly cut it any further at the moment. Every one of them is getting older.”

    While username Jumper wrote: “The number of working royals will naturally decrease until we get to the number we expected to see. The others are getting quite elderly now and I’m pleased to see that Charles has treated them with dignity and kindness in not removing them.”

    The King will predominantly be supported by his Queen Consort Camilla, Prince William and Kate, Princess of Wales, Prince Edward and Sophie, Countess of Wessex and Princess Anne. The cousins of Queen Elizabeth II Princess Alexandra, 85, the Duke of Kent, 87, and the Duke of Gloucester, 78, with his wife the Duchess of Gloucester, 76, will also continue as senior royals.


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