Charlotte Casiraghi diet: The royal follows same fitness routine every day – 'I love it!'


    Charlotte Casiraghi is the daughter of the Princess of Monaco and the granddaughter of Grace Kelly. The royal always looks flawless in all her appearances and is admired by many for her impeccable style and slim figure. Charlotte has two children, Raphaël and Balthazar, but how does the Monégasque royal manage to keep fit?

    “I am not blameless”, admitted the daughter of Princess Caroline of Monaco, but explained that she only shops in organic supermarkets and stores.

    “I do my shopping in organic places.

    “I consume little meat.

    “When it comes to food, I try to be reasonable,” she said.

    However, Charlotte stays in good shape not only by following a healthy meal plan but also by exercising regularly.

    The royal is a fan of skiing and snowboarding as well as horse riding.

    “Horse riding is my passion,” Charlotte said once.

    “I’ve been riding since I was maybe three or four. Ponies at first, and then I’ve really always been doing it since.

    “Riding uses so many different muscles.

    “I ride two to three horses a day, and I ride almost every day when I’m not working or travelling.

    “You use your legs, your arms, your back. It’s a very complete sport.

    “But I don’t think of it as exercise. I do it because I love it, and it’s a plus that it helps me stay in shape,” she told Vogue.


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