Chippy leaves mother 'agog' at price of family meal as she fears being 'ripped off'


    A mother has sparked debate over a fish and chips family order that she feels battered her wallet during the cost-of-living crisis.

    The concerned customer sought opinions on the forum site Mumsnet about a bill for two portions of fish and chips, a pie and chips, curry sauce, four sachets of tomato sauce and three drinks that came to £37.

    She was left “agog” at the cost from what she described as a “standard take out place in the north”.

    Posting on Friday (October 7) the woman wrote in the Am I Being Unreasonable (AIBU) section of the site: “To be agog at the price of dish (sic) and chips?”

    She wrote: “Don’t have stuff from the chippy very often but went today. Standard take out place in the north.

    “We ordered: 2 × fish and chips, 1 x pie and chips, 1 x curry sauce, 4 x tom sauce packets, 3 x drinks. It cost £37! Is this really how much they cost now or were we ripped off?

    “We stopped getting Chinese takeaways some time ago once the dishes got close to £10.”

    Responses flooded in to the post with opinion split over if the cost was frying high or cheap as chips.

    One wrote: “That does seem a little expensive, I’m West Midlands and it would probably be around £25-£30 here.”

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    Another user chimed in: “Drinks in any takeaway are a total rip off – go to a newsagent on the way home for them if you can!
    “But I did a running total and was expecting you to say about £28 so agree it seems expensive!”

    Someone else observed: “Small fish and chips with curry sauce is £9 in our only decent chippy.
    “So £18 for two of us. It’s no longer a cheap hot meal, that’s for sure.”

    At the time of writing, 54% of Mumsnet users voted the mum was not being unreasonable to view the price as costly.

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