Classic car industry at risk of 'serious damage' due to Brexit rules and 2030 car ban


    The former Transport Minister and East Sussex MP Nus Ghani said any changes to the classic car sector could be “disastrous”. She has backed the launch of the new Historic and Classic Vehicles Alliance (HCVA) and pledged to do “all we can” to support the classic sector.

    She said: “The classic and historic vehicle industry is a great British success story that gives pleasure to millions and it would be disastrous if it suffered serious damage through neglect or ignorance.

    “We need to do all we can to support a sector that provides thousands of highly skilled and well-paid jobs in my constituency and across the UK and preserves exemplary skills and craftsmanship.

    “We should be looking for ways to help businesses find solutions to problems and, now more than ever, we should be making it easier – not harder – for reputable high-quality companies to serve their customers.

    “In the current economic climate we certainly can’t afford to risk letting valuable jobs die. The HCVA has my wholehearted backing.”

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    They will argue classic cars have a “relatively modest impact” on emissions compared to modern vehicles.

    On average, classic cars are driven just 16 times a year for around 1,200 miles meaning they are not as accountable for the emissions issues.

    The HCVA warns more than 100,000 jobs are at risk if the classic car industry loses the backing of drivers.

    They warn the industry is worth over £18billion to the UK economy with the classic car fleet valued at over £12billion.

    He said: “It has always been important to support individuals, companies and organisations that preserve our Automotive Heritage.

    “The restoration and preservation of classic cars keeps our rich history in the automotive sector alive for future generations.

    “As we move towards electrification and ever more stringent regulations, in my view it will become even more important to support and protect our classic automotive heritage.”


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