Common sense prevails! Boris savages woke Oxford academics in Rhodes row – urges 'action'


    The historic institution has a monument to Cecil Rhodes, a 19th century businessman and politician, outside its front door.

    Rhodes is accused by critics of being the ultimate representation of colonialism a played a major role in the British Empire’s control of Southern Africa.

    Despite protests from academics and activist students, Oriel has refused to remove the statue.

    Now, scores of academics have pledged not to give tutorials to the college’s undergraduates or to attend talks, seminars, and conferences sponsored by the institution.

    Criticising the move, the Prime Minister’s official spokesman this afternoon said students could be due compensation for the boycott.

    He said: “Students rightly expect to get a good deal for their investment in higher education and we would expect universities to take appropriate action should any student be seriously impacted by these actions, which could include compensation.

    “We fully believe in protecting academic freedom but universities have a duty to maintain access to good quality tuition as a priority, especially given the disruption the pandemic has caused students already.”

    More to follow…


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