‘Controlling and suffocating!’ Britons furious at EU plot to bring nation 'to its knees'


    The former Brexit Party leader warned Brussels is plotting to bring errant members to heel amid an ongoing row over domestic legislation with Hungary. Currently the Netherlands is leading attempts to rein in the country over its an anti-LGBTQ law which has been championed by the country’s leader Viktor Orban.

    It successfully passed through Hungary’s parliament earlier this month.

    News that Brussels was allegedly trying to dictate domestic policy to EU members quickly sparked outrage from many Brits.

    One raged: “When will this habit of telling another country what it should and should not do (end)?

    “Why the EU thinks it is in charge of everything a country does is beyond comprehension.

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    “Guess not – it’s still happening today. The EU is trying to bring the UK to its knees just like Hitler tried to.”

    And a fourth simply said: “The world has gone crazy and the EU are draconian with their laws. Hungary should leave and trade with us.”

    Mr Farage – a leading Eurosceptic who helped bring about the historic 2016 referendum – was equally scathing.

    He told GB News: “The other story that’s not making big news but it’s a huge story is a bust-up in the EU of epic proportions between Hungary and in particular the Netherlands.

    “The Dutch Prime Minister (is) saying he wants to bring Hungary to its knees over its LGBT policy.

    “As ever, there’s often so many stories out there that don’t get covered but that really matter.”

    Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte has warned Mr Orban to either ditch the legislation or withdraw his country from the bloc.

    Speaking in Brussels, he said: “It was really forceful, a deep feeling that this could not be. It was about our values; this is what we stand for,

    “I said ‘stop this, you must withdraw the law and, if you don’t like that and really say that the European values are not your values, then you must think about whether to remain in the European Union’.”

    Mr Orban has insisted that the law was not an attack on gay people but aimed at guaranteeing parents’ right to decide on their children’s sexual education.

    When introduced it would see the Government ban the use of material in schools seen as promoting homosexuality and gender change.

    Both the EU and UN are calling for it to be repealed.

    Independent expert Victor Madrigal-Borloz said that the legislation was challenging the “values base” of the EU.


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