Corbyn branded Putin's 'useful idiot' by Ukraine over plans for speech at pro-Russia event


    Jeremy Corbyn has infuriated Ukrainian officials after he agreed to talk at an event named Real Path to Peace in Ukraine, organised by a far-left group which parts pro-Moscow claims such as that the invasion of Ukraine is to blame on NATO.

    The Independent MP for Islington North, formerly Labour MP,  will join a panel at the event expected to urge Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky to tell western leaders to halt weapons deliveries and talk peace with Putin.

    The move reportedly sparked fury in President Zelensky’s circles.

    Dasha Zarivna, a senior Ukrainian presidential adviser, told the Daily Mail that the group’s aim is to “spread narratives that have been carefully crafted by the Russian intelligence services”.

    She added: “Once again Jeremy Corbyn finds himself cosying up to known associates of Vladimir Putin and other useful idiots manipulated by the Kremlin.

    “Demanding that Ukraine start negotiating with an aggressor state and calling on the West to end the supply of weapons that allow us to defend ourselves from an illegal, unprovoked invasion that has caused a genocide of the Ukrainian people is nothing short of a disgrace.”

    Mr Corbyn claimed he was unaware of who the other participants to the forum will be.

    But according to the event’s page, ex-Green Party presidential candidate Jill Stein will also be at the New York debate.

    Ms Stein attacked NATO on the night of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine in a tweet that read: “In 2014 the US backed a coup in Ukraine led by far-right insurrectionists.

    “The US kept pouring weapons into Ukraine and peddling the pipe dream of NATO membership, sabotaging the actual solution for peace and security.”

    Among other participants to the forum is Eugene Puryear, a former presenter for Sputnik Radio, funded by the Kremlin.

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    Speaking at a Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament event on the fringes of the Labour Party’s annual conference, he said: “The time to talk about peace is when it is most at risk.

    “The time to talk about peace is now, because we are the most at risk for a very long time.

    “There are 40 wars going on around the world. The only one you hear about at the moment is Ukraine, but there are many others.”

    He advocated Britain ditching the Trident nuclear programme when it comes to an end in order to reduce the number of weapons of mass destruction in the world. has contacted representatives for Mr Corbyn. 


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