Couple transform ex council house into 'bling palace' with Chanel rug for £1,000

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Matthew Gorman and partner Jane Heron spent lockdown converting their “mucky” three-bedroomed property into the fancy pad. However, after photos emerged online, the reaction to the work has been mixed, with some calling it “gorgeous” and others branding it “distasteful”.

There’s a Chanel rug in the hallway, a Versace tea set, and Chanel throws, Hull Live reports.

The couple even have a Chanel doormat and a Chanel-branded flower holder on the dining table in the terraced home in Bransholme, Hull.

Every room in the old council house is converted into a bling paradise.

Matthew, who has four children with Jade, said: “We started it in the first lockdown when there was nothing much to do, and it was looking run down. My wife decided she wanted to go all ‘bling’. She bought the wallpaper from budget shops like B&M, and B&Q, but we splashed out on the ornaments and cushions.

“We’ve got a Chanel rug in the hallway, a Versace tea set, and Chanel throws.

“Our friends and family absolutely love it, and people ask how it looks so nice with four kids in the house.

“The kids love it, they think it’s like a palace.”


The hallway has the same grey tones as the living room, with a large clock and the doormat.

Little designer touches are scattered throughout, such as an eye-catching silver occasional table with the flower holder, complete with a bunch of faux cream roses.

Sparkly silver table placemats and elaborate vases complete the decadent design.

Matthew added: “When we got the house it had been lived in by an old couple and was tea-stained and mucky, and not decorated to our taste. We’ve taken ideas and tips from the Internet, such as using cut-up fabric on the stair risers, and a wood effect lino flooring in the hall which looks like real wood. It’s all been done on a budget but looks expensive.

“It took us about five weeks to complete, we’re really proud of how it looks.

“The comments on the DIY Facebook page were really good. Everyone thinks it looks brilliant.”

One woman wrote on Matthew’s post to the DIY on a Budget Facebook group: “OMG, I love your house, can I move in. Right up my street.”

Another posted: “Wow, gorgeous” while a third wrote “House goals.”

But others on Facebook slated the quirky design.

“It looks distasteful,” reads one comment.

“Bit tacky,” another reads.

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